Era Trio
Group Biography

ERA TRIO is a Top Quality Professional Band

Artistes are:
Anelia Vassileva, Diliana Marinova & Krassimir Vassilev.

Anelia is the lead singer, Diliana sings also
Krassimir plays keyboards, piano & vocals. All of them have worked as a
studio musicians and arrangers, having taking part in local Radio & TV station promotions.

As a group they are not only a show – stopper but also a chart – stopper
with two hit CD’s to their credit.
They are an established and experienced group both at home in Bulgaria and abroad - having been around in foreign countries in Europe and
the Middle East: Germany, Cyprus, Swiss, Norway, Greece,Yugoslavia,
United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman etc.

ERA TRIO took part in the Dubai Shopping Festival in 1999.
They receive frequent invitations to perform at high - society meetings,
VIP parties etc.
Their repertoire includes music from the early 60's, 70's, 80 's 90s + top 40.
As a singers, they have vibrant, perfectly polished voices,
which complement each other in all senses.
They perform virtually any style of music - Disco, Rock n Roll, Ballads,
Rhythm & Blues, Country & Western etc. They are also linguists of sorts
and can sing in an astonishing number of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Serbian, Russian ( even Arabic!),
but mainly in English – of course!
ERA TRIO is one of the most popular dance combos on the Bulgarian Seaside.
They are really a blast of energy & emotions...
Huge varied repertoire, high class performance
and what's even more important, they have a magnetic and irresistible
stage presence.
Their colourful and glittering stage costumes are a big feature of their performance.